Thursday Tip: Tyres Sizes, What Do They Mean?

Thursday Tip: 5 steps to tyre safety

What does tyre size mean?

To the untrained eye, the side wall of a tyre can look like a meaningless set of numbers, letters and symbols. Hidden amongst these is the tyre size. But what does it look like and, more importantly, what does it mean?

Understanding the code

The tyre size might read like this: P205/55 R16 91V. Hardly user friendly but, when you know what it all means, you’ll realise it tells you useful information about the tyre’s construction, size and type.

Where can I find my car’s tyre size?

You’ll find you car’s tyre size on the tyres’ sidewall, in your car’s vehicle manual as well as on a sticker inside the driver’s door.

1 Cross section width

The first three numbers, in this case 205, refer to the section width of the tyre. This is the measurement, in millimetres, from the tyre’s inner sidewall to its outer sidewall.

2 Profile / Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio, or profile, refers to the height of the sidewall as a % of the section width. In our example, 55 means the height is equal to 55% of the 205mm width. The bigger the aspect ratio, the bigger the sidewall will be.

3 Construction type

The letter R means the tyre is a radial construction. Almost all new car tyres are radials.

4 Rim

The number to the right of the construction type is the rim diameter, measured in inches. In this case, it’s a 19” wheel.

5 Load index

The final number (91) is the load index i.e. the maximum load (in kg) that the tyre can carry. See chart below

6 Speed symbol

The final character (in this case V) relates to the maximum speed of use. Again, the following table will clarify what your tyre’s symbol means.

Get Your Tyres Checked!

If you follow these five steps, you will have given yourself the best possible chance to avoid any issues related to your tyres. 

As we have seen, your car’s tyres are critical to road safety. Therefore, it is imperative that you check your tyres constantly.  As with anything, if problems are left unchecked, no matter how big or small they are, they can wreak havoc on other parts of the car.

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Thursday Tip: 5 steps to tyre safety

Thursday Tip: 5 steps to tyre safety

One of the most important aspects of car maintenance, which is often overlooked, is tyre condition and safety. As, and it can’t be stated often enough, the tyres of your car are the ONLY thing that is on your car that connects with the road. So when you add to this that you have no control over the road condition, you must keep your car tyres in the best shape that you can. There is a 5 point plan that, if you follow, will give you the best chance to keep your tyres in good condition and you safe on the road.

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