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Welcome to the Car Service and Car Repair resources centre that forms part of Oliver’s Car Service Centre, your local car mechanics offering car service and car repair solutions in Gorey. Please feel free to view and use any of the resources posted on this section of the site.  If you need any help with your car service or car repair solutions then please get in touch with us.

At Oliver’s Car Service Centre, we strive to offer quality car servicing and car repair to the community in and around Gorey, County Wexford, and South Wicklow. In providing our customers with the best value in car service and car repair in the area, we believe this is just one of the things that make us among the best car mechanics in Gorey.

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Thursday Tip: 5 steps to tyre safety

Thursday Tip: 5 steps to tyre safety

One of the most important aspects of car maintenance, which is often overlooked, is tyre condition and safety. As, and it can’t be stated often enough, the tyres of your car are the ONLY thing that is on your car that connects with the road. So when you add to this that you have no control over the road condition, you must keep your car tyres in the best shape that you can. There is a 5 point plan that, if you follow, will give you the best chance to keep your tyres in good condition and you safe on the road.

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