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Diagnostic and inspection test results relating to your NCT Test include:

  • Engine

  • Suspension

  • Tyres

  • Brakes

The Pre NCT check that we can carry out on your vehicle is designed to help identify items that we feel will be raised when your car is presented to the NCT Testing Centre for the NCT test.

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Your Pre NCT Check includes the following:

    • Check all the vehicle lights and condition of lens
    • Check headlamp alignment and adjust if necessary free of charge
    • Wiper blades – check condition and operation
    • Check washers
    • Check horn operation
    • Check condition of safety belts and operation
    • Connect diagnostic scanner to car and check airbag, abs, and engine management for any faults and reset if possible
    • Check exhaust emission and catalyser condition for petrol only
    • Check engine mount condition
    • Check timing belt condition
    • Check oil level
    • Check for oil leaks
    • Check tyre condition, specification and set tyre pressures
    • Visual inspection of all brake pipes and hoses
    • Check suspension and steering for wear
    • Visual check of all shock absorbers
    • Visual inspection of front brake pads and discs
    • Visual inspection of rear disc and pads if fitted
    • Check wheel bearings
    • Check CV joints and gaiters
    • Check handbrake operation
    • Check exhaust for leaks and condition
    • Check registration plate condition
    • General inspection of body work for rust
    • Check all glass for chips and cracks
    • Check that all door and window operated correctly

Key points:

  • Oliver’s Car Service Centre will give you a quote to complete any work that in our opinion needs to be completed for your car to pass the NCT test.
  • Oliver’s Car Service Centre will check for the main items that fail the NCT test as well as checking your car for safety items that are not included in the NCT (Brake pad/disk depth readings versus manufacturer specifications etc)
  • Customers should be more confident in the car and its ability to pass the test after the free Pre NCT check and the completion of any recommended work that has been completed
  • Oliver’s Car Service Centre will also guarantee any work that we undertake that in our opinion was necessary in order to pass the NCT test.*



  • Customers should note that Oliver’s Car Service Centre do not carry out Emission testing or Brake /shock balance as part of the Pre NCT check
  • We cannot guarantee that you will pass the NCT test, even after we have checked the car, as the equipment used by ourselves and the test centres can vary, but we can give you a good indication as to our findings and the solutions that need to be implemented.

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Main Failures are due to:

  1. Brake lines/hoses
  2. Tyre Condition
  3. Tyre Specification
  4. Indicators/ Tell Tales
  5. Headlamp Condition

How can I best prepare for the NCT and what documents should I bring?

Please prepare for the test by ensuring that:

  1. Your car has adequate oil and water.
  2. The boot is empty and seats are clear of personal belongings such as removable baby seats. If the baby seat is left in the car for the NCT, it will be checked that it is fitted correctly.
  3. The vehicle is reasonably clean (especially the under body).
  4. The wheel hubcaps are removed (only in the case where the wheel nuts are not visible) and the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.
  5. The engine is in a fit state to be tested e.g. Cam belt/timing belt. You may be asked to sign a disclaimer at the test centre.
  6. Seat belts and clips are fully visible.
  7. Your registration plates comply with current regulations.
  8. NCTS recommend that you have your lights checked and set prior to the NCT.
  9. Please ensure you bring identification (Driving licence or Passport only) with you as you will be asked to produce this when presenting your vehicle for inspection at the test centre.
  10. Please ensure your vehicle is at a normal operating temperature prior to arriving at the test centre for inspection.

If the above items are not taken care of, NCTS may be unable to test your vehicle. And of course, don’t forget to bring your vehicle registration book, registration certificate or licensing certificate and your test fee €55, Retests are €28.

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Our Warranty to you


3 yr/50k mile warranty on most repairs & services*


“A” 36 months/50,000 Km, whichever comes first, on parts and labour when the client elects to use the top quality parts and completes the services recommended.
“B” 12 months/18,000 Km, whichever comes first, on parts and labour when the client elects to deviate from warranty “A” parameters.
“C” No Warranty if the client elects to use non-recommended parts or to omit related recommended services.

5 Year/ 75,000 km warranty on timing belts*


“TB” 5 years/75,000 km, whichever comes first, on parts and labour when the client elects to use the top quality parts and completes the services recommended for the timing belt replacement package.

*Warranty requires compliance with recommended precautions and follow-up procedures. These are written on the invoice when applicable. The client should discuss them with the staff if necessary. When necessary Oliver’s Car Services – We Fix Cars. will arrange low cost, alternate transportation during warranty repairs. This warranty does not extend to consequential damages, or repairs, which have been tampered with by any person not authorized by Oliver’s Car Services – We Fix Cars or abuse or neglect of the vehicle. Warranties do not cover symptoms, which occur above legal speeds.

IMPORTANT: To receive warranty repairs, the client must:

  • A. Notify We Fix Cars of the concern as soon as possible.
  • B. Allow We Fix Cars to diagnose and repair the concern.
  • C. If out of the Gorey area, call Oliver’s Car Services – We Fix Cars on 0539102416 for special arrangements with one of our many Independent Associate’s nationwide.

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